Cryptocurrency Types

Cryptocurrency Types

Till now thousands of Cryptocurrency protocols have been introduced. There are three main classifications of Cryptocurrency each of 3000 types residing in these classes. These are:

  • Altcoins
  • Tokens
  • Bitcoin

Now the main question that comes to mind is what makes one type of Cryptocurrency differ from another? So, this discussion contains the properties of each Cryptocurrency. That will surely help you to understand the difference between different types.

Cryptocurrency Types

Major Classifications:

  • Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the first type of digital currency introduced in the economical market. It was firstly introduced in January 2009. Bitcoin was produced as a prize of a procedure called mining. It can be interchanged for several more currencies, by-products, and facilities. One survey of Cambridge University state that 3-5.8 million people used Cryptocurrency and many of them used Bitcoin. It is also known as a digital substitute for gold and ordered currency. Even more, Bitcoin can be used and keep aside such as real money. Bitcoin is also a scanty limited supply and good savings of materials like gold.

  • Altcoins:

Altcoins can also operate freely and don’t rely on any other form. It is also known as the substitute for Bitcoin. Blockchain is required for Altcoins operations.  It only permits peer-to-peer safe transactions. Moreover, Altcoins surrounds a huge area of various uses. Some of them are:

  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tokens:

Tokens are very different from Bitcoin and Altcoins because they are unable to operate freely. Tokens depend on the operation of any other Cryptocurrency. It means tokens also lack blockchain and do not have their own DLT. 1496 cryptocurrencies tokens have been introduced yet. The token can be created very convenient because there is no need for blockchain for its formation. Some names are given below:

  • Ethereum
  • Omni
  • NEO
  • TRON


Above is the detail of the three main Cryptocurrency classes. So, when we explain various cryptocurrencies types we must have an idea about further important terms like privacy coins, stablecoins, and exchange tokens.


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