A Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Guide for Beginners

A Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Guide for Beginners

High capital crypto assets are on the edge of high risk if you are trading them without a plan. We are here to explain to beginners how to trade cryptocurrency. You must know the market trends and the central requirements to begin your journey as a crypto trader.

To start trading digital currency, you must have

  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Well-known cryptocurrency exchange to trade.

It is easy to get verified from the exchange and then funding your account, which takes few days to complete. After verifying and funding your account, you are only a step away from buying or selling crypto using limit, stop or market order techniques.

A Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Guide for Beginners

How to trade cryptocurrency?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to start crypto trading:

  1. Sign up for your account on Coinbase or Binance cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. Start funding your account with different payment options.
  3. Start trading crypto to crypto or dollars to crypto.

If you are going to trade cryptocurrency, you must need:

  1. Crypto or dollars to fund your account.
  2. One or two Coinbase, Binance, or Bittrex cryptocurrency exchanges to trade.

While trading cryptocurrency, you can:

  1. Trade crypto to crypto like Ethereum to Litecoin or Bitcoin to Ethereum.
  2. Trade dollars to crypto like Litecoin to US dollars or US dollars Bitcoin.

For crypto storing, you need:

  1. One or two cryptocurrency wallets. For example, MetaMask, Atomic Wallet, or exchanges offered wallets.
  2. A way to secure a cryptocurrency wallet is by using a private key, pin, or 2FA to secure your wallet.

Coinbase all in one package:

Coinbase is in one solution because it acts as a wallet and as an exchange and a place to trade crypto to crypto or dollars to crypto.


The steps mentioned above to start cryptocurrency trading are very simple and easy to grab. Now the beginners have a lot of opportunities to begin a trading career. The one cool thing is you can even try them all.


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