4 Major Ways Used By Scammers for Cryptocurrency Scamming

4 Major Ways Used By Scammers for Cryptocurrency Scamming

In this era, scammers used unique ways to steal Cryptocurrency. They use many ways to loot digital investors. These ways are given below:

4 Major Ways Used By Scammers for Cryptocurrency Scamming

  • Imposter Websites:

Most people suffer a lot when they randomly visit an imposter website. Maybe they are following the tips of experts but actually, they are using an imposter website. These websites only seem to be actual because created with a similar interface to the official company. These websites can be recognized by checking the mini lock icon and “https”. Because the address of a real website contains https and security icons closer to the URL bar.

  • Fake Mobile Apps:

Scammers use multiple ways for scamming and millions of people become their victims. Fake mobile apps are another way of Cryptocurrency scamming. Hundreds of fake apps are available on Apple and the Google Play Store. While these apps can immediately locate by the collaborators and remove quickly.

  • Improper Social Media Updates:

Many scammers have made fake accounts of celebrities and presidents on social media platforms. This is another way scammers use to loot investors. Because users are not sure this account is official or not. The same is the case with Cryptocurrency, where malevolent, imitate bots are uncontrolled. Not agree or believe in offers come to you through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Emails Scamming:

Most of the scammers send fake emails to the users, showing that this is from an official Cryptocurrency Company. These emails seem to be official because scammers use original logos to deceive users. Be careful before trusting any company and investing. Not click on a link that accesses the fake website.


Most people become the predators of online scammers daily. Above are the ways used for scamming read them and be careful of scammers.


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